An Ultimate Guide to Know about My Story: Choose Your Own PathAn Ultimate Guide to Know about My Story: Choose Your Own Path


Well, talking about the best simulation game then you are provided with the best game i.e. My Story: Choose Your Own Path. It is created by Nanobit and its size is almost 103 MB. The game is available for both IOS and Android users. In the same game, there are plenty of classic stories present and all these stories are based on love, adventure, drama, horror and many more things. In My Story: Choose Your Own Path, there are two types in-game currency present i.e. diamonds and tickets.

Features to know about My Story: Choose Your Own Path

One of the main things that all users should know is that in My Story: Choose Your Own Path there are numerous classic features present. All these features make the same game impressive and stunning among all other simulation based game –

  • In-app purchases – it is the best feature in

Some essential points of the Mafia City game! Two pints shared and explained in the articleSome essential points of the Mafia City game! Two pints shared and explained in the article


The game world is getting better and better every day; the graphics of the game goes 2d to 3d in which you can see every angle of the character you are playing the game. The technology gives so much to the gamers to experience and get the most pleasure and fun from the gaming consoles and mobile games. Mafia City has all the latest features of the games; you will feel glad to play this game in your mobile handsets. Download this game from the Google and ios platforms. The game is also free to download, and you don’t want to pay any single penny for the game. Use Mafia City hack and Male set comfortable than before.

Below I am going to explain some good points of the game, and you will do wonders after reading all the points.

Events of dating and relationship

You will have to do …

Get the Best Heroes and Rewards Out Of “Mobile Legends”Get the Best Heroes and Rewards Out Of “Mobile Legends”

The popularity of mobile games is at a peak point, popularity has a reason for best gameplay and dynamic graphics. Mobile Legends is one of those games that made the mobile games recognize in the world, there are so many other games as well. It’s been three years of game and developers have released all important updates to improve the game. To get the rewards, Mobile Legends Cheats 2019 is the best way to unlock new heroes.

Explore about the heroes and unlock them

I order to fight with opponents it required great heroes and smart strategy maker for the team. Strategy maker should be one of the team members. In the game, heroes are categories between many roles and specialties. Every hero has separate work and task in the matches all these roles are written below to understand in a better way –

Tank – Tanks Heroes have high …

Empires and Puzzles – Potential Type of In-Game Currencies!Empires and Puzzles – Potential Type of In-Game Currencies!

Empires and Puzzles – Potential Type of In-Game Currencies!

The Empires and Puzzles Game is launched in a very easy format so that newbie can’t face too many issues at any stage. Looking in detail, there are two main potential types of currencies available in the game, which are in the forms of Gems and Iron that players need to obtain as much as they can.

In addition, without having enough information about In-Game Currencies, success is impossible in Empires and Puzzles Game. In order to acquire essential knowledge about gaming funds, then you need to complete the tutorial first.

Types of Currencies!



These are two types of In-Game Currencies, and each is useful for different work and tasks, so you need to obtain both of them as much as possible.


Gems are the primary currency in Empires and Puzzles games that can be used for various …

Fine 3 Tips and Tricks to Play GardenscapesFine 3 Tips and Tricks to Play Gardenscapes


If you are the one who is looking for a top-class casual game, then there is no doubt that you come to the exact place. Here you are going to introduce the best game named Gardenscapes. The creators of the game, i.e. Playrix, make it provide the best gaming experience among all others. Now, one should know properly that what they have to do in Gardenscapes to go ahead and how they have to make a deal with Gardenscapes? Therefore, after knowing all these things, one has to start playing Gardenscapes.

3 useful tips or tricks

Mentioned down are the most 3 useful tips and tricks that help gamers in playing Gardenscapes. Users only have to make use of these tips or tricks to play Gardenscapes properly –

·         Make use boosters – One should know that the best way to make progress in the game or the quick …

Things we should know about the Hill climb racing 2! Two mains aspects sharedThings we should know about the Hill climb racing 2! Two mains aspects shared

We all know the importance of games in our life. We all love to play games in our leisure time to eradicate the daily stress of life. All the games in the world provide a decent amount of fun and entertainment, which is essential for us to regain our mental health. Hill Climb Racing 2 game is an adventurous game which serves so much of fun to the gamers which they always wanted in life. You need to race through the mountains and hills to clear the levels of the game. You can also use Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats to dominate the race in the stages.

Below you will see some good point to play the game which is quite necessary to handle out the things in the game.

Various modes

The game includes multiple events like championship, tournaments and many other vital functions which bring the right amount …

Areas where computers are ruling the worldAreas where computers are ruling the world

Long gone are those days where human efforts were the only source to get things done. Now we are in an era where things are changing drastically and the influencer is the computer. The computer has changed the overlook of the world and in a way that was not imaginable a decade back.

We are now surrounded by a computer. The computer has taken away the unnecessary tasks that had to be done a few years back. Here are some of the areas where the computer does take control of.


There was a time wherein a business huge number of data and files has to be kept. For that, a full room was required and the processing was difficult. But now trillions of data can be kept in a simple box. In addition to that things have been automated with just a click.

Both large businesses and small businesses