Day: November 27, 2019

Follow 3 simple tricks to get unlimited currency: YuGiOh Duel GenerationFollow 3 simple tricks to get unlimited currency: YuGiOh Duel Generation

In the card games, The YuGiOh Duel Generation is a famous one, and millions of online users are connected with it. With such tools in this article, we are sharing some handy tricks to gain more currency.

Invite friends by facebook 

In the beginning, we need to log in with Facebook and invite more friends. The players can share their achievements with friends, and for getting more currency, we need to promote the game.

Competing for more tasks 

The individual should understand the importance of tasks, and for it, we must grab challenging tasks. Some weekly tasks are listed on the gameplay, and we need a handsome amount of currency.

Grab the bonus 

Free keys are beneficial for many things, and you have to collect them for unlocking new cards. We have to use currency smartly and save some extra for leveling up also by trying YuGiOh Duel Generation Cheats